Success Does Not Need to be a Secret

Whether it is a large issue or some form of a success, by the time we (IT) craft the perfect way to communicate whatever it is, the “it” has long lost its lustre. It may have to do with the way we work within IT. With teams segregated by silos do we find it harder to come together for issues or wins?

The challenge is that IT teams are consistently comparing themselves to other teams when the delivery of IT services is the goal of the greater IT.
The story goes you are as only as good as the weakest link. In this case of the silo IT department we need to look at the delivery of services by team to identify where improvements can be made and then assess what an IT overall service delivery baseline is based on services and then formulate a strategy to attack this.
You can call this IT “sit in” whatever you want under the guise of whatever process you hold dear DevOps ITIL COBIT but the key is .unifying IT under the delivery of services to a business to achieve their outcomes is the only goal you should have

Band together for the issues
IT generally has no issue getting together to solve issues. They are quick to collaborate to find a fix. By their nature they look to solving problems. So why is it that in some organizations that once the issue is resolved the collaborative spirit vaporizes as well? Teamwork is a skill that needs to be practiced. Aside from critical outages where else to you get to work together. An effort needs to be made to find ways to integrate and avoid as much rework as possible. You could be working on similar initiatives which may work against each other. Remember how this all relates to business outcomes.

Celebrate the wins
For whatever reason this seems to be more of a challenge. Small wins are still wins so celebrate them as well. You may not need to take out a full page add in the local paper but acknowledge the win within the IT team to start. This can build some momentum as well as practice for communicating the big wins

Again this all starts with the decision to move forward as a service provider to your business.



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