Integrated ITSM Essentials™

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This certification provides IT professionals with the essential knowledge required to understand IT service management as a quality system as well as for ensuring IT services are provisioned for and support high standards of effectiveness, availability, and reliability – and produce results.

The certification focuses on an IT service management quality system model that includes the following major components: IT services and alignment with a business strategy; the subset of 10 core operational processes that are universal to all IT organizations; and the underpinning processes involved with continual service improvements that enable IT organizations to add ever-increasing business value.

The core IT service management processes included in the curriculum are:

  1. Incident Management
  2. Change Management
  3. Request Management
  4. Problem Management
  5. Configuration Management
  6. Service Level Management
  7. Service Catalog Management
  8. Release and Deployment Management
  9. IT Asset Management
  10. Business Relationship Management
  11. IT Performance and Improvement Management
  12. Integrated ITSM Processes


Upon successful completion of the course, attendees will understand:

  • A review of the IT service management system, which illustrates what it really means to align IT and business goals
  • How IT service management enables business value
  • The components of a process: inputs, throughputs/activities, outputs, metrics, and key interdependencies
  • Why it’s important for IT professionals to understand “process management”
  • The IT service management quality system and its components: Direction, Execution (IT Relationships, IT Services, IT Support, IT Changes), Results, CSI
  • The 9 building blocks/components for establishing and managing the ten processes/capabilities above including: 1) Purpose/Objectives; 2) Policies; 3) Terms and Definitions; 4) Input/Outputs; 5) Activities/Throughputs; 6) Roles and Responsibilities; 7) KPIs; 8) Process/Capability Integration; 9) Technology
  • Operational IT metrics versus business metrics and why it’s important to differentiate


This certification is suitable for anyone working in IT or in roles that interact with IT. The knowledge gained from this certification enables recognition of international terms and concepts used by supplier organizations including ITSM software services providers. Additionally, candidates whose organizations are seeking ISO/IEC 20000 certification will find this certification a compatible and valuable introduction to the standard.

Prerequisite: None


The exam is offered through Professional Designations Corp (PDC) and to obtain certification, attendees must write and pass the exam as follows. The exam is included in the course fee and will be ordered for you by Blackfriar Consulting.

  • Duration: 60-minute,
  • Questions: 40 question, multiple-choice exam will be scheduled and completed online
  • A passing mark of 65%

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