Metrics Evaluations

The ability for your organization to deliver world class services can be in some cases limited by issues that would be otherwise outlined through metrics. Here we will help you to identify strengths and constraints that impact the flow of work, then develop target KPIs and metrics to focus improvement in the areas that will deliver value.

ITSM Process Design

We will assesses the maturity level of each Process Area with the goal of uncovering weaknesses and identifying opportunities for improvement.  Process documentation, roles and responsibilities, and policy and procedure documentation is reviewed.

ITSM Planning

In conjunction with an ITSM Assessment, we will evaluate the underlying ITSM tool structure, the current configuration of applications, and the maturity of each supporting process area. and outline any short or long term ITSM road map activities.

ITSM Assessments

Our comprehensive ITSM Assessment service provides a detailed evaluation of your organization’s Service Management capabilities to establish a baseline from which you can begin to outline a service improvement road map. This is a great first step to take for those who are considering where to make improvements and unsure what effort will be required overall.

All Services Include

One-on-one support which is business sensitive and confidential

All materials and templates as required

Next Steps

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