Problem Management: Root Cause Analysis Specialist™

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If you are looking for practical guidance to take your problem management to the next level thank this course is for you.

The knowledge obtained in this certification course will provide you with a practical, structured approach to applying established root cause analysis principles and techniques to identify the sources of recurring incidents and service downtime.



Attendees will gain the skills and knowledge they need to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of Problem Management and Incident Management through the application of root cause analysis techniques and principles.

Improving the ability to correctly and competently identify root causes provides a variety of benefits; among them:

  • A reduction in service downtime/increased availability:
    • Reduces loss of user productivity
    • Prevents potentially more severe impacts, such as a loss of revenue or profit opportunities
    • Supports the achievement of business outcomes

Participants, through instructor-led discussions, case studies, practical examples, and group exercises, can expect to gain an understanding of the following:

  • How to improve service availability through the efficient and effective identification of root causes using various problem investigation methods such as Ishikawa diagrams and the 5 Whys
  • Which techniques are most useful for different types of problems
  • When it's appropriate to undertake root cause analysis
  • The barriers to effective problem-solving and how to overcome them
  • Information-gathering techniques – asking the right questions
  • How to use different data sources for identifying problems
  • The critical success factors for successful RCA
  • Effectively linking Problem Management and Knowledge Management
  • Outlining the factors critical for success regarding root cause analysis
  • Providing guidance to peers on key root cause analysis techniques
  • Helping to establish guidelines for when Problem Management and root cause analysis should be used
  • Designing procedures to ensure the right information is gathered to aid in effective RCA
  • Identifying existing data sources that will be useful in identifying root causes
  • Identifying tool requirements for improving and supporting Problem Management and Knowledge Management


This certification is suitable for anyone working in IT or in roles that focus on dealing with reducing or eliminating incidents or problems

Prerequisite: None


The exam is offered through Professional Designations Corp (PDC) and to obtain certification, attendees must write and pass the exam as follows. The exam is included in the course fee and will be ordered for you by Blackfriar Consulting.

  • Duration: 60-minute,
  • Questions: 40 question, multiple-choice exam will be scheduled and completed online
  • A passing mark of 65%

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